Impact Science Research highlighted at Core Cities Summit

Knowledge Platform
Today, the question of devolution is high on the lips of everyone in the UK and whether Scotland stays in or out of the Union, the talk of devolution of powers has spread beyond it’s borders.

Last Friday, GVA ( hosted a Core Cities Summit that brought together a group of high-profile panelists from the public and private sectors to discuss the value that the UK’s core cities have to contribute towards economic growth. Whilst key themes around transport, policy, and finance were raised, a common theme was understanding the skills, expertise and unique offering those cities have that can propel forward business growth in the knowledge economy.

Impact Science have been working in partnership with GVA Ltd to map the research skills and expertise, and technologies being developed in our UK cities. Impact Science has developed a unique Knowledge Platform for rapidly identifying key strengths, differences and opportunities our core cities have in key industrial sectors. We are using data from a variety of public sources to, together with cutting edge visualisation techniques, simplify the presentation of tens of thousands of data points to answer those questions. We are defining the DNA of cities’ skills-base and enabling this to happen in minutes, not weeks.

This type of analysis is used by our clients to identify where global expertise lies in technology areas, or to provide an analysis of opportunities and future trends in a market segment, or even entire cities and countries. It is cutting through the complex language often associated with technology areas, and enabling key decision making to move forward based on a solid foundation of data and analysis.

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