2Bio’s Impact Science Team completes technology deal for major UK NHS hospital #innovation #patientflow #IP #techtransfer

RLBUHT’s Electronic Patient Flow Management technology to be commercialised by Sunquest Information Systems.


June 14th, 2016. The Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust (the ‘Royal’) has today announced a groundbreaking agreement with Sunquest Information Systems (Europe) Ltd., to commercialise the Royal’s innovative electronic patient flow management system.

Under the agreement, Sunquest will market the solution as a value-add module with their ICE platform, which currently provides electronic ordering and results reporting for almost 50% of NHS Acute Trusts. The application was developed by members of Royal’s Information Management and Technology group, with input from Royal clinicians.

The digital whiteboard and patient flow management solution utilizes software and technology like touch-screen monitors to enable ‘real-time’ tracking of patient admissions, discharges and transfers, operations currently managed through the use of traditional whiteboards on the wards. The digital whiteboard allows ward staff to quickly and easily locate and track a patient’s whereabouts in the hospital, whilst seeing the real time status of relevant key clinical indicators including bedside observations and an early warning system. Overall bed information can be viewed via the solution’s dashboard. This brings together a holistic organisational view of wards, specialties and patients throughout the hospital and allows staff to view a wealth of information. These applications are compatible with Sunquest’s Integrated Clinical Environment (ICE) platform, making important clinical information even more accessible to staff that need it. The digital whiteboard was invented and developed by Tony Morley, Andrew Davies, Steve Manley and Matthew O’Grady Marshall from the IM&T Directorate at the Royal; it’s now a very popular tool in day-to-day use by the organisation.

Speaking about the benefits of the solution, Dr. Holly Metcalf a consultant in acute medicine at the Royal said “Since its implementation the management of the medical intake has significantly improved.  The application provides us with a list of medically referred patients – with important information such as their current location, diagnosis, NEWS (National Early Warning Score), and time of referral. This allows us to prioritise sicker patients, and ensure all of our referrals are seen and treated in a timely manner, ultimately optimising the safety of our patients”.

Jeanette Roberts, lead for the Royal’s Patient Flow Services, said “Since the introduction of electronic bed requests, we have seen smoother transition from admission to transfer and a clear timeline of the patient’s journey to allow further analysis and improvement in service delivery”.

Commenting on this agreement, Aidan Kehoe, the Royal’s Chief Executive said: “This is an important landmark for the Trust’s innovation programme, being the first major commercialisation deal to be concluded on our own technology. This agreement also marks the start of what we expect to be a valuable industry partnership – since we will continue to work with Sunquest to enhance the module as they roll it out to other clinics and hospitals in the UK and internationally.”

“This acquisition represents a fantastic opportunity for both Sunquest and our clients,” said Matt Hawkins, president of Sunquest Information Systems. “The addition of this proven solution will really help to simplify finding beds for patents admitted from A&E, deliver an accurate real time view of patient and bed status across the organisation. As a consequence this will reduce delayed discharges and significantly improve patient care escalations by quickly identifying those patients at most risk, for example with AKI, using the patient observations package.”

Jules West, the Operational Director for Research Development & Innovation (RD&I) at the Royal said: “the need for innovation has never been greater in the NHS and the Royal has taken a proactive approach to its encouragement and application, creating a robust framework for delivering support and monitoring this important activity through our RD&I Directorate; we’ve been supported in this by the Impact Science Team from 2Bio Limited. It is very gratifying to see that the value of this tool, which was developed within our trust, has now been recognised by a leading international company in the healthcare sector. This agreement will not only provide income for us, but should also ensure that this important tool can now be made available to other NHS trusts.”

The Royal’s innovation partner, 2Bio Ltd., delivered the commercialisation support for this technology. Rhys Roberts, the company’s co-founder and director commented: “Everyone involved with the whiteboard has worked very hard to get to this stage. Our Impact Science Team, which was led by Dr. Charley Ward, worked very closely with Andrew Davies at the Royal and with the Sunquest team to achieve this agreement. Looking to the future, it is very promising – we’re now working with a rich pipeline of innovation, so this should be the first of many more useful tools and commercial deals to come out of the Royal.”


About The Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust

The Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust is one of the largest and busiest hospital trusts in the North of England, with an annual budget exceeding £470 million. It delivers services across two sites and three hospitals, the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Broadgreen Hospital and Liverpool University Dental Hospital, and employs more than 5,500 people.

In the past year the Trust cared for over 90,000 people in their emergency department, around 95,000 day case and inpatients and over 587,000 outpatient appointments. It is one of the top teaching trusts in the UK with well-established links to the University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores University and international institutions. The Trust is building a brand-new Royal Liverpool University Hospital, which is due to open in 2017. To find out more about the Trust, visit http://www.rlbuht.nhs.uk or follow us on Twitter: @RoyalLpoolHosps or Facebook: www.facebook.com/royalliverpoolhospitals

About Sunquest Information Systems

Sunquest Information Systems Inc. provides laboratory information systems to more than 1,700 laboratories. Since 1979, Sunquest has helped laboratories across the world optimize financial results, enhance efficiency and improve the quality of patient care. The company’s singular focus on diagnostic innovation has delivered solutions that offer unique support for complex testing, enable community-wide connectivity and can be used at the point-of-care. Headquartered in Tucson, AZ, with offices in the United Kingdom and India, Sunquest is a global leader in healthcare information technology. For more information, visit http://www.sunquestinfo.com.

About 2Bio Limited

2Bio Limited is a UK-based company that provides commercial services, including innovation and IP support, which is delivered through its Impact Science Team. In the healthcare sector, 2Bio works predominantly with NHS Trusts, recording and validating useful innovation, identifying Intellectual Property and creating strategies for its development and commercialisation. The Company has been providing regular innovation support services to the Royal since 2011 and in 2015 was commissioned by the North West Coast AHSN to create the NHS Innovation Toolkit, which is intended to broaden access to IP and innovation support for smaller or less research-intensive NHS trusts. 2Bio also works with a diverse portfolio of research-related IP and innovations, owned by our UK and international clients, and provides ‘hands on’ support for new business creation in the Life Sciences and Healthcare Industry sectors. Further information can be found at www.impactscience.co.uk or follow on twitter @impact_science .