Impact Science Supports Big Data License Deal


We are pleased to report that one of our clients, Archive Analytics Solutions Ltd., recently completed a significant license deal for its lead product, Indigo, with the University of Maryland. Indigo is a large-scale data repository management system and is being used to support long-term preservation and access to large sets of data, as well as a platform to support research and teaching at The University of Maryland.

Professor Richard Marciano, Director of the Digital Curation and Innovation Center at the University of Maryland, said, “I am delighted that we have secured the Indigo product for our use. We have been been at the heart of the Big Data community, and in particular the effective storage, management and retrieval of data, for many years. Indigo provides us with a number of key advances. We see it as a credible solution for Big Data management in large organisations across many sectors of business and research.”

John Burns, Chief Technology Officer at Archive Analytics Solutions Ltd. said, “We have been working closely with Richard and his team on enhancing the utility of Indigo for some time now, and this agreement provides the next logical step in the evolution of our product. With Richard and his team building on Indigo, we see an exciting future for the product.”

Geoff Wainwright, who led 2Bio’s Impact Science team, said “I’m pleased that we were able to help Archive Analytics and UMD complete this deal, which is a major milestone for Indigo.”

For further information please Contact:

John Burns, Chief Technology Officer, Archive Analytics Solutions Ltd.,

Prof. Richard Marciano, Digital Curation and Innovation Center, University of Maryland,

Dr. Geoff Wainwright, director 2bio Ltd.,