Impact Science helps RLBUHT to win innovation award… again!



A team from the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust have been selected by the Health Foundation, an independent health care charity, to be part of its £1.5 million innovation programme, Innovating for Improvement. This is the second major award that 2Bio’s Impact Science team has helped RLBUHT to win from The Health Foundation this year.

The fifth round of the Innovating for Improvement programme is supporting 22 health care projects in the UK with the aim of improving health care delivery and/or the way people manage their own health care by testing and developing innovative ideas and approaches and putting them into practice.

The innovative project from the alcohol services team at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital aims to implement a new nurse-led clinical pathway for patients who are vulnerable to Alcohol-Related Brain Injury (ARBI), a form of dementia.

This pathway is intended to improve the identification of patients with early signs of cognitive impairment (a symptom of ARBI), which will enable the alcohol team to select and implement the most appropriate interventions aimed at improving that patient’s cognitive function and their ability to abstain from alcohol.

The intervention will make it easier for carers, community services and GPs to understand the patient’s needs and to manage their care more appropriately, increasing the chances of improving their health and building greater understanding of the support they will need from the community to manage their condition.

Over the course of the programme the team will develop its innovative idea and approach, put it into practice and gather evidence about how the innovation improves the quality of health care.

The team will be led by Dr Paul Richardson, consultant hepatologist at the Royal and Liverpool CCG secondary care advisor. Dr Richardson will work closely with Dr Lynn Owens, nurse consultant, at the Royal to deliver the project. The project will be undertaken with input from Dr Fiona Ogden-Forde, Clinical Lead for Alcohol at Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group. 2Bio Ltd’s Impact Science Team, which provides innovation services to the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, has supported the development of this project from a very early stage.

Dr Richardson, consultant hepatologist at the Royal said, “We are delighted to have secured this award, as it will provide the resource and awareness we need to implement this idea. If successful this project will have a major impact upon the quality of life for patients and their carers, through earlier identification and better understanding of their condition.

“We are looking forward to working with the multidisciplinary team that we have assembled that involves our patients and their families, the nursing team, the clinical commissioning group, psychiatry services, our Service Improvement & Excellence Team, data analysis expertise from our Business Intelligence Team and support from our Innovation Support Team provided by 2Bio Ltd.”

Dr Charley Ward, Senior Business Consultant at 2Bio and the Impact Science Team lead said, “This is a very challenging condition to understand and manage and so we are delighted that the clinical need has been recognised and this award has been made. We’re looking forward to getting started on the project to improve the care of these vulnerable patients.”

Sarah Henderson, Associate Director from the Health Foundation said, “We are very excited to be working with such a high-calibre of teams, who all have great innovative ideas. As an organisation we are keen to support innovation at the frontline across all sectors of health and care services, and I am pleased that we will be able to support these ambitious teams to develop and test their ideas over the next year.

“Our aim is to promote the effectiveness and impact of the teams’ innovations and show how they have succeeded in improving the quality of health care, with the intention of these being widely adopted across the UK.”

The programme will run for fifteen months and each project will receive up to £75,000 of funding to support the implementation and evaluation of the project.


Contact at the Health Foundation:

Navdeep Sidhu, Marketing and Communications Manager.

T: 020 7257 8067



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About the Health Foundation

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Our aim is a healthier population, supported by high quality health care that can be equitably accessed. We learn what works to make people’s lives healthier and improve the health care system. From giving grants to those working at the front line to carrying out research and policy analysis, we shine a light on how to make successful change happen.

We make links between the knowledge we gain from working with those delivering health and health care and our research and analysis. Our aspiration is to create a virtuous circle, using what we know works on the ground to inform effective policymaking and vice versa.

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