Impact Science Supports RESOLVE Health Technology Program.


2Bio’s Impact Science team is pleased to announce that it will be supporting the RESOLVE programme in Northern Portugal to develop and nurture early stage projects and start-ups in the health technology sector.

The RESOLVE Programme is designed to address the gap between health research and its commercial application, so that the outputs of the vibrant healthcare research sector in Northern Portugal can be harnessed by industry to grow the economy and improve the health outcomes for the region’s population.

The focus of this programme will be on developing the most valuable health technology opportunities by applying the RESOLVE toolbox, which includes proof of concept work, prototype validation, specialised clinical product and market development tools, and connections to end users and investors. The Impact Science Team will be involved in evaluating the opportunities and building the commercial strategies for selected RESOLVE companies and projects. More information on RESOLVE can be found on the dedicated website (

The RESOLVE programme is being hosted by i3S in Porto, which incorporates IBMC, INEB and Ipatimup – three leading national research institutes – and it is funded by NORTE2020

The RESOLVE programme is designed to tackle specific challenges in the origin of the “Death Valley” for startups in the health sector. The RESOLVE Toolbox will be applied in a targeted manner to the needs identified in a detailed diagnosis made to the technology/team during the selection process. “Our goal is to maximise the potential of the outstanding technologies generated primarily in the northern region, and in a second stage in Portugal and abroad. We believe that having the Impact Science Team on board will help RESOLVE to push the technologies to the market.”, commented João Cortez from the RESOLVE team.

2Bio’s Director, Dr. Rhys Roberts, whose company has an international client base, commented “there is now a global demand for new ideas and products that will improve the standards of healthcare, and also make it more affordable to deliver; the RESOLVE approach to identifying and shaping commercial opportunities at an early stage should result in a much stronger offering for investors and for the growing global healthcare technology sector.

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