International Technology


The Impact Science Team was contacted by the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE), part of Singapore’s prestigious A*STAR institutes. IMRE had used polymer chemistry to develop new materials with potential applications in the drug discovery and development sector of the pharmaceutical industry.

Impact Science conducted an evaluation of the underlying IP and the technology development status to develop a commercialisation strategy, with a detailed focus on protection of the IP and plans to prove the  commercial relevance of the technology.

Following the initial evaluation the Impact Science team was retained to develop a more detailed appreciation of the technology, and to map the commercial landscape surrounding the target applications, as part of a £500k R&D programme. We developed a good rapport with the inventor and his R&D team, enabling us to understand the challenges (and progress) within the technology development programme, and to plot a comercialisation path that would take account of current competitive practice and market activity.

This technology is now being commercialised by a startup company – ACM Biolabs – that has established valuable commercial partnerships for drug discovery and vaccine development and attracted investment from the Erber Group.

In this case, Impact Science has used its technical expertise to provide sound IP advice and onward technology development plans, and has leveraged its experience and networks to provide ‘insider’ viewpoints from the target market that informed a strong commercial strategy and the start-up plans.