IP Commercialisation Partnership

Beginning in 2011, Impact Science has provided exclusive commercialisation services for the entire research portfolio of the University of Liverpool, UK, working across the University’s three Faculties (Humanities & Social Science, Health & Life Science and Science & Engineering). Impact Science has been responsible for evaluating the commercial potential of all the University’s IP, recommending IP protection and exploitation strategies.

IP evaluation work involves significant face-to-face contact with a University’s research community, in particular with inventors and innovators, with a rigorous feedback process to the University to ensure that all viable opportunities could be protected and exploited in a timely manner, and that resources be deployed as efficiently and effectively as possible. The Impact Science Team has also established a ‘culture change’ within the University, informing University staff of the relevance and importance of IP, and publicising the IP evaluation process in order to raise awareness and acceptance of this increasingly important aspect of University research.