Impact Science can provide a range of services at every stage of the technology development process.

Business Planning & Start-Up

  • Before embarking on setting up a new business to exploit your invention or innovation, we can provide detailed background research on the most feasible pathway to market, making the most of the resources available to you, and identifying what else will be needed to succeed.

  • Our analysis will help you to decide if setting up a business is the best option, or whether there are better routes to generating a commercial return (such as licencing your IP rights to a customer).

  • We can create your business plan, detailing the necessary operations, particularly the R&D plans, the company structure to support them, growth strategy and credible financial projections.

  • We fully support the start-up process, from the process of setting up corporate structures and securing investment, to interim management of operations and business development and corporate partnerships.

Inventions & Patents

  • We examine the ‘patentability’ of inventions, including alternative IP protection strategies that may be more appropriate than patents (registered designs, copyright, trade secrets). The Impact Science team will research the IP landscape around an invention or an innovation and recommend a strategy for its protection. This work also includes an indication of potential market value, and guidance on ‘cost versus benefit’ to allow you to determine if the cost of protecting (and developing) your IP is worthwhile.

  • For organisations, Impact Science provides continuous IP portfolio management, including ‘patentability’ and potential market evaluations for new IP; managing the patent application process; managing the downstream patenting process, including notices of patent office actions, and co-ordinating suitable responses

Intellectual Property Licensing

  • We have experience in negotiating license agreements for both licensors and licensees, typically to generate returns for technology in early development, or for access to IP and knowhow that are essential for our client’s exploitation strategy. We take a pragmatic approach to this work, and strive to ensure a valuable outcome through rational discussions.

Pre-Investment Support

  • We provide support to investors preparing to invest in IP-driven technologies, including an evaluation of the strength of the IP, the robustness of the R&D programmes, the technology development goals and the capability of the management (or the inventors/innovators if pre-company formation). We provide an analysis based on major risk factors, and provide indications of value, where appropriate, using comparative data.

Confidentiality Agreements

  • When you need to discuss your IP or share your invention with a collaborator, partner or potential customer, we can advise you on the type of protection you may need and suggest the format of any agreements that may be required. These include Non-Disclosure Agreements or Confidential Disclosure Agreements to protect the confidentiality of your IP and Materials Transfer Agreements to ensure that your invention or your proprietary materials are only used in the way you say they should be used.

IP Training

  • Impact Science can provide short training courses to you and your staff to explain the principles of intellectual property and how it can be protected and commercialised. The courses can be tailored to your specific needs, and are typically delivered within a 2-hour window, including time to ‘workshop’ any specific examples that you may require help with.