The Team

Rhys Roberts, PhD

Rhys manages the operations of the Impact Science Team. His background includes scientific research in physiology and cell biology, in laboratories in the UK, Germany, Australia, Canada and USA. Rhys has held positions with Origen Therapeutics Inc., a biotech start-up in San Francisco, and MerseyBIO, a technology incubation organisation in the UK. He holds a number of directorships and advisory positions with companies in the UK and Internationally.

Geoff Wainwright, PhD

Geoff provides expert consultancy to the Impact Science Team. He has a background in life sciences, having gained a PhD in Biochemistry. Geoff works with prospective clients to develop new business for Impact Science and supports the interface with larger clients. Geoff also manages strategically focussed projects that develop broader value propositions for the knowledge-based economies of our city region clients. Geoff is engaged at board level in a number of technology businesses in the UK and overseas.

Charlotte Ward, PhD – Senior Business Consultant

Charley is Impact Science’s Senior Business Consultant, and is responsible for delivering IP evaluation, IP management and IP commercialisation services to an extensive client base. Charley has qualifications and a research background in physiology and pharmacology, and has been working with IP and pre-commercial technologies for more than 10 years, previously being part of the MerseyBIO programme (2002-2007). Charley’s expertise in IP management and market evaluation has been applied to a very broad range of technology areas including biotechnology, pharma, engineering, electronics, chemicals, novel materials, animal health and medical devices and her commercial skills are in demand for IP licensing and interim project support in early stage companies.

Sophie Reade, PhD – Innovation & IP Manager

Sophie delivers expert R&D, intellectual property and commercialisation consultancy services to our clients. Sophie is experienced in evaluating new technologies and developing appropriate IP protection strategies. Sophie provides an interface with our Client innovators and she develops analysis and market-led commercialisation plans which incorporate user feedback and provides support for commercial agreements.

Lucy Hornby, BSc – Business Development Assistant

Lucy supports the Impact Science team by providing research and analysis in respect of IP due diligence and market intelligence to support creation and implementation of IP and commercialisation strategies for Impact Science’s clients. Lucy has qualifications in computer science and provides support across the diverse range of technology areas that we work with.